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Linux Kernel: Cisco Aironet mini-PCI wireless card (MPI-350)
[ltp] Cisco Aironet 350 MiniPCI card WORKING on T30
Linux and Cisco Aironet wireless cards
[ltp] T30 with cisco 350
Sniffing with Cisco Aironet Card mini-HowTo
The Wavelan IEEE/Orinoco and its friends
Offical RedHat Kernel with HostAP
Link-sys WPC11 Mini-HOWTO
Knoppix Linux on a hard drive PCMCIA WiFi Card Howto
SeattleWireless: Hardware Comparison
SeattleWireless: Senao Card | 802.11b Access Point/Router | 802.11b PC Cards
EnGenius EL-2511 CD + High Power Wireless
The devices, the drivers
Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Client Adapters Release Notes - Cisco Systems
Cisco Aironet mini-PCI wireless card (MPI-350)
T40 Wireless
Client_Adapters_802_11b - SeattleWireless
Prism54 Linux driver supported cards
Jason's Web Thingy: Wireless 802.11b on Linux, Part 1
Jason's Web Thingy: HostAP 2003-10-19
Re: How to config "dual IP address" ?
Aaron Baer - la la la connect the dots
wi-linux-ltr.pdf (application/pdf Object) - Wi-Fi Hotspots - Wireless Hotspots - Worldwide Hotspot Directory
ZyXEL Prestige 2000W - VoIP Wi-Fi Phone

14 Element Weatherproof WiFi Yagi Antenna
HyperGain HG2424G: 2.4 GHz 24 dBi High Performance Reflector Grid Antenna
5 GHz Parabolic Grid Dish Antenna
Fleeman Anderson & Bird, Corp
Wireless Router Howto
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. - linux-wlan Page
Linux & Wireless LANs
Setting up an All-Linux Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN Security & Wardriving (802.11)
Quick HOWTO: Linux Wireless Networking

FrontPage - SeattleWireless
WirelessFaq - The Personal Telco Project
Austin Wireless City Project
PDX Wireless
FCC OET Generic Search Report
2001 CFR Title 43, Volume 2


LinksysWrt54g - SeattleWireless
Linux on the WRT54G
Sveasoft - SV-WRT54 GHardware

wireless stores

NetGate Home Page
Proxim Harmony 802.11a 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point With Antennas (8571-05_COMBO)
Wireless Access Point (D-Link-DWL900AP+) - - Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare
Acer WiFi 802.11a & b & g Combo Card - Latest Technology - Save loads of money!

Networking, Mail, and Security

SourceForge - aide - like tripwire
Maia Mailguard: Home Page
Mutt mailreader
Using Konqueror with ssh to Manage Files on a Remote Host | Linux Gazette
Brian Salter-Duke's Mutt Page.
LJ #25, May 1996: Linux Journal Firewall Resources
How to setup an E-Mail Relay Host with sendmail ?
Sendmail: Proxy server or whatever
Sendmail: Proxy server or whatever
sendmail enable relaying for specific ip addresses - ISP-UNIX Archive
Linux Sendmail+Dialup mini-HOWTO: Automatic Masquerading (Address Translation)

Linux - Server / Workstation Products
Linux Compatible :: View topic - Asus Motherboard Compatability with Linux
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
ext2 fs resize utilities
bug-parted Archives
Parted User's Manual
Index of /pub/linux/kernel/v2.4
Welcome to JustLinux: Wanna learn Linux?
sourcepole - Hex Editors
LDE - The Linux Disk Editor - beginning_linux_programming archive
Intranet: - Intranet, Online Calendar & Online Database Software - Build Your Business, Not Your Intranet
UNIX History
EFF: Trusted Computing: Promise and Risk
Linuxant - Company information
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions
The Linux Game Tome
Peter's Linux Question & Answer
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions
QtParted homepage
Television spots
Supported Printers - ESP Print Pro - Easy Software Products
vulnerabilities - mremap
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo Linux Prelink Guide Project details for Prelink
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Oregon Rep. Barnhart - Open Source Software
Linux News: Viewpoint: What Differentiates Linux from Windows? Making Screen-Capture Movies [Mar. 04, 2004]
Screen Capturing and Recording Using VNC
Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: modular IDE in 2.4.23
XPde desktop environment
Why Free Software usability tends to suck Project details for Online Library Application
The Cooperative Bug Isolation Project
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.12/27)
PLUG - The Portland Linux Unix Group - Home
Linux Center: Main Index
Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page
IRQTUNE -- A Linux IRQ Priority Optimizer
Linux Online - Linux Hardware Components
Linux Documentation Project
REX Linux
Google Search: <Linux>
Linux on Thinkpads
Linux Software Map
Linux Book Reviews
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
Netenv 0.93 - Using a laptop in different network environments
Xfiles1.4 - file tree synchronization and cross-validation
December 2002 Linux Productivity Magazine: VI and Vim

Comcast and Cable Modem

Cable Modems and Wiring Issues
DocsDiag - DOCSIS cable modem diagnostics
TWiki . Bio . ComcastInternet
Comcast users Collateral Damage in Spam War


Why offer VPN as a basic service when you can charge a premium for it?
VPS Colo
ISPcheck: Great Deals on Virtual Private Servers - Web hosting with root access
TekTonic - Hosting, VDS, VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Servers - Virtual Colocation

Software Archives

About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org - The search engine for Linux rpm packages
Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Software/Scientific/Electronic
Oregon State University - Network Engineering : & mirrors
Utilities for copying entire disks - Acquiring Perl Software
Linux Help - Linux ISO Images
Linux ISO Links
Freeware for Solaris


NewsForge | Knoppix installation tips
Knoppix STD: How to Customize
Knoppix Linux Documentation - Knoppix Remastering Howto
Slashdot | Specialized Knoppixes for Fun and Profit
BIOKNOPPIX home - Welcome to BIOKNOPPIX Home
ClusterKnoppix - Main


Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat
Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat
The Unofficial Fedora FAQ
fedora-devel archives
#fedora forums :: View topic - Kernel 2.6 Issues and Resolutions (Answered)
Bug 108775 - RFE: Logrotate "dateext"

Computer Stores

AddALL book search - Online Auctions for PC Geeks
Surplus Computers
WeirdStuff Warehouse
Micro Center
Wacky Willy's Surplus Stores
Silicon Valley Surplus Sources
Sidearm Handheld PC: Squadfitters Online Store


Reverse Engineering
The Epeios project - 'reveal' user manual.
The "Undocumented" Bookstore

Internet Status

Internet Weather Report
System Status : Internet Backbone Report
Backbone report at CyberTech
Internet Backbone Status
MAE West
Internet Traffic Report
Internet Backbone Status


backup up a laptop disk for replacement
Everything Linux
Everything Linux
Installing rsync on a windows machine
rdiff-backup: Main
BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk
BackupPC Documentation

Hard Drive Hotswap for Dirvish

MARC: msg 'hdparm and removable IDE?'
NEW COOLGEAR USB 2.0 + Firewire 1394 3.5" ATA-6 Combo Case Special Edition
Dual Link Drive Kit - ADS Technologies DLX-185
Specifications for Dual Link Drive Kit
DLX185br.pdf (application/pdf Object)
5.25" IEEE 1394/ USB 2.0 External Enclosure
USB 2.0/Firewire Combo External Enclosure

Linuxfest 2004

Maia Mailguard: Home Page
Linuxfest Northwest 2004
Linuxfest Northwest 2004: View Forum - Presentations


Julian Date Converter
NIST Web Clock
Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers
The official U.S. time - clock
The Gigasecond Server

copyright patent

Fixing things
Wired 12.03: Some Like It Hot
prior art