Keith Lofstrom's Books

I read way too much. This page will mention books I like, and places to buy them. If you don't approve of what I read, put up your own page.

I have a problem. I have lots of friends that write books. I plan to get most of them up here eventually, but it will take a while. Please don't feel slighted if your book isn't here yet.


MOSFET Modeling with SPICE by Daniel Foty.
CMOS by Jacob Baker.


"Rebel Code" by Glyn Moody.
"The Inmates are Running the Asylum" by Alan Cooper.
"Code" by Lawrence Lessig.

Science and Technology

"Longitude", "Galileo's Daughter" by Dava Sobel

Oliver Sacks, William Calvin.

Economics, Politics, Libertarian

"The Economics of Scientific Research" by Terence Kealey.
"Future Imperfect" by David Friedman (pre-pub currently on web)
"Price Theory" by David Friedman

Spirituality and Religion

Okay, you explain why the universe remains uniform!

"3:16" by Donald Knuth
"Religion in an Age of Science" by Ian Barbour
"Religion Explained" by Pascal Boyer
"God and Contemporary Science" by Philip Clayton
"The Fire in the Equations" by Kitty Ferguson
"Finding Darwin's God" by Kenneth Miller
"The Marriage of Sense and Soul" by Ken Wilber

General Fiction

Richard Powers

Science Fiction

Too much trilogy stuff. Tell the story and move on to something else!

Read lately

Robert Charles Wilson. Detailed books, no trilogies, alternate near-present stuff with an "alternate spiritual" theme.
Connie Willis. "Passages" was excellent. Should have got the Hugo, though Wilson's "Chronoliths" was neck-and-neck.Q

Classics and Obligatory Mention

Ken MacLeod. Libertarian/Anarchist/Marxist SF. Trilogies, though.
"Guns of the South" by Harry Turtledove. Newer stuff is bloated crap.

Robert Heinlein, E.E. Smith, L.Neil Smith, J.Neil Schulman, Spider Robinson,

Mystery Fiction

Earl Emerson
Philip Margolin

Older Robert Parker, John Grisham, Gregory McDonald (Fletch).

Books on Tape

Book Sales


Where to Buy

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