Those Other Keithl's on the Internet

I have been keithl on Usenet and the Internet since 1973. This has inspired much emulation; indeed, many L-surnamed parents have chosen to name their sons Keith (and perhaps their daughters too) in order to cash in on this growing trend. Others might try to hoard the recognition, but I wish to share the bonanza with everyone. If there are enough of us, perhaps the rest of the world will learn to spell k-EI-th. I don't expect them to ever learn to spell "Lofstrom". Sigh.

So here are some other keithl web pages out there on the net. If you are also a keithl, and have a website not listed here, drop me a line and I will get around to adding you someday. More useful links translates to a higher google score. I am not going to include any email addresses here; aren't you getting enough SPAM already?

Keith Legg

Apparently a Gen-X researcher, fond of 3-D modeling, at the Oregon Research Institute's Applied Computer Simulation Labs.

Keith Lewis

A system administrator at Monash University in Australia.

Keith Lawrence also

A British fellow who likes to tell jokes about diving.

Keith Lanton

Chairman of Lantern Investments in New York. The poor fellow needs a better web address.

Keith Loring

40yo (2004) Java programmer, ex-SeaBee, who does ASIC software for IBM at Burlington, VT.

Keith Lawson

Inactive(?) site in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Honorable Mentions:

Keith F. Lynch

Another libertarian cryonicist technologist.

Keith LuBrant


last revision April 4, 2005